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New Charity

I want suggestions as to which charity y'all think we should donate to, because I'm thinking of starting a new auction, if y'all are open to it.

So... who do you want to give to? And did y'all get your stories/crafts? Post pics/links so we all can see them!

I apologize for the wait. :)


So, bidding's over. Thank all of you for being patient- I'm running constantly behind these days.

I started this comm when I had no job & was in school and now I am working full time and still in school. I'm so busy I've had trouble keeping up.

So, yes, bidding is most definitely over. Send your donations to the Red Cross or the WWF and get the proof to the offerer. Offerers, get that proof to me, okay?

Thank you so very much for dealing with me!

Introduction/party post

I think in the midst of all of this drama we need some fun time. So I'm going to introduce myself and we'll do a party/introduction thing. We'll do this weekly or so, as long as we're still getting members. :)

So, I'm Sarah. I'm a Vet Tech student from Arizona and I'm 24 years old.

How about all of you?

Lightning Round!

It is time to start a lightning round.

Here are the rules.

1- This is offering time. Make your fic/art/beta offers and wait for the bids to start flowing.

2- This comm is SPN centric, so we're trying to keep it going with SPN. :)

3- icelily01 and I are the mods- if you need help talk to us. :)

4- Crossovers are welcome. :)


Today- Offers open
Monday, March 21- Offers close&bidding opens
Thursday, March 24- Bidding closes. Those who have bid the highest make their donations to the Red Cross, WWF,iVolunteer, or any charity dealing with Japan's quake/tsunami relief.

Keep your minds on Japan- they could use your prayers.

Keep promoting!



We have five members. Please, try to pimp this comm out as much as you can. When we have ten members, we'll be able to start a lightning round!



What is j_quakerelief?

j_quakerelief is a charity. It is the Supernatural fandom coming together to help those in Japan who are in need.

How can we help?

This is a fanfic/art/beta bidding community. There will be one round, which will last about a month, in which we have two weeks for writers/betas/artists to offer their services. The last two weeks of the month will be bidding- those who want to take the writers/betas/artists up on their offers bid USD, at a minimum of $5USD with no maximum. Bidding stops on the last day of the month. Those who win will contact the mods and we will deal with donations. Every single dollar will go to the Red Cross, for relief in Japan.

I don't have any money, but I want to help.

Offer your writing/artistic/beta services, or contact me (ahavaelwilhouse).

If you have any other questions, PLEASE, feel free to ask me. Bidding starts when we have enough members/mods! Also, we need an artist and a promotion team!